Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My "Sweet" Little Man...

Okay, so you know there's a boy in the house when the dinner conversation goes something like this:

Out of the blue, Jack says "Hannah, you're a boobie. Boobie boobie boobie. You are a boobie." I tell him to stop. Hannah proceeds to chase him around the house for a minute. She then says "Jack's a nincompoop." He doesn't know what this means, but knows it probably isn't nice. A few seconds later he comes back with "Wiener. Wiener wiener wiener. Wiener." Of course, inappropriate laughter follows even though we're trying not to let him see. Hannah follows with another name (can't recall what it was but it was pretty harmless).

Now, if you've ever been in a name calling row with Jack, you know he runs out of names pretty quickly. He then looks around the house for some random thing to call you. Normally it would be something like "chair" or "fork," which are funny just because they make no sense, right? Well, on this particular evening he happened to be sitting by the window. We watched as he was looking around for something to call her and wondered what he was going to come up with. We see him looking out of the window towards the swing set. Then he says "Swinger...Hannah, you're a SWINGER!" I practically choked on my tuna casserole and the girls burst out laughing. I'm certain I saw milk shoot out of Chloe's nose. Fortunately, the kids had no idea what that actually meant. They just thought the RANDOM name he came up with was hilarious. Makes me glad they're still naive and I didn't have any explaining to do!

Ahhhhh...life with a boy is definitely unpredictable! And on Good Friday and all. I wonder if it's too early to start bringing the boy to confession?!?

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