Monday, April 6, 2009


Have you ever had a day that's chugging along just fine? No toddler getting into any trouble, no preschooler asking question after question until you want to change your name from Mom to I'm not here? No tweens ripping each other's hair out? Everything is peachy-keen. One of those days when you should just KNOW something's lurking around the corner waiting to burst the little bubble you've managed to create for yourself.

Then along comes Hubby. Hubby with an agenda. Hubby with a million and one things to do. You try to ignore the under his breath mumblings and hang onto what's left of your day in your little bubble.

Then you're so innocently trying to go downstairs to the basement to put some things away and the bubble not only bursts, it explodes. Immediately when your left foot hits the top stairs and lands on a very hard metal thingy that Hubby put there. Right in the middle of the stairs. I think he was trying to do me in for the insurance money...why else would he have put it there?!?! He claims it was because he was in a hurry and forgot to move it. I say he wanted the $$$$! He says I'm worth more alive because the amount of insurance $$$$ he'd have coming wouldn't pay to hire a nanny and housekeeper. Ain't love GRAND? Hahahahaha! (We really were joking when this conversation was going on...please don't call the police!!!)!

Needless to say, I managed somehow to NOT tumble head over heels and break my neck. I think my left foot fared the worst and I have a distinct bruise the shape of said metal thingy on the bottom of it and a bruise the size of a dinner plate on my right cheek (and I ain't talkin' about my face)! The right ankle is trying to decide whether or not it wants to be sprained and my left elbow looks a bit worse for the wear. Not to mention my bruised PRIDE when my tweens and their tween cousin poked their head around the corner of the doorway and burst out laughing. I can't imagine the sound I must've made, let alone the metal thingy as it bounced down every single step (after I threw it)! Then my oldest tween says "Mom, you really ARE getting old!" Just what a poor injured mama wants to hear.

Hubby sorta apologized in his own way. Basically said he got busy and forgot. Hmmmm. I think I should get busy and change the locks! I'm sure it will all be funny to me after my back quits hurting and I can walk without a limp again. Until then...please don't mention it, k?!? ;)


Anonymous said...

Beth, thanks for making our day!!!
Hope you bounce (ha ha) back quickly!
Donna & Bob

Bob said...

Hi Beth its the pest from Action south I just wanted to
also say in Doug's defense "Is thingy really a word"?
O well guest that doesn't really matter now does it!

Beth said...

After what happened, I think I should be entitled to make up any stinkin' word I want, don't you think? Hee-hee! P.S. Loved the bounce back pun...VERY FUNNY!!