Monday, April 6, 2009

Day One of my Blogging Journey!

There are some things in life that I've always wanted to try.

Ride a roller coaster with my kids-CHECK
Take a vacation to a fabulous place-CHECK
Work from home-CHECK
Drink Wine from a box-Nope, haven't done that yet but think about it daily & hope to soon!

High on top of my list is journaling my life and the crazy "ride" that my kids take me on DAILY! Since I've been a terrible mother when it comes to filling out baby books and making scrapbooks chronicling my children's lives, I figure this is the best way to do that since I'm on the computer for hours a day anyway. Now I can at least be productive at the same time! Also, I hope it will help family members and friends who I don't see often enough to keep in touch, hopefully providing you with a good laugh along the way! So sit back and enjoy the ride...the Good Lord knows I'm trying to!


evansmom said...

I do hope you realize that by opening this can of worms you will now be getting for your next birthday a one-year subscription to the Wine-from-a-box of the month club. :-) Seriously though, I think it's a great idea and I hope you can keep up with it. Good luck!!!

Beth said...

Thanks, Jen! I was hoping someone would figure out my desperate plea for some whine...I mean wine! Haha!