Friday, April 10, 2009

I've added Lion Tamer to my resume'...

This is what I wake up to every morning. Yes, she IS usually as grumpy as this picture indicates!

Once I feed the little lion cub some breakfast (rice crispies is her cereal of choice these days...probably
because it makes the most mess possible) and pull that mane out of her face, she is usually in a much better mood, as THIS picture indicates. Watching her favorite tv show also seems to help and gives me a few minutes before her "curiosity" gets the best of her and she finds trouble (and undoubtedly a mess) around every corner!

If anything ever happens to me...please, can someone take care of this girl's hair?!? Hubby doesn't usually touch it if I'm gone and the poor girl walks around pushing it out of her face all day long! I keep trying to train him to just spray it with water and comb, but he just doesn't take the time. It looks as if it should take a bunch of stylists (aka mane tamers) to take care of her wild mane, but spritz and fix is all you have to do! ANY TAKERS??? I think men just don't have the ablilty (or don't give a $
*#!) to deal with hair more than 1/2" long. Must be something about that opposable thumb thing!


Amy said...

Reminds me of Marissa....still looks like that way everyday!! At least she knows she has to at least pull it back into a pony tail. Somedays I'm positive the comb and/or brush never touch her head. Oh well, she is old enough to deal with it now!

Marie {Make and Takes} said...

What a cute lion cub! So happy to see you here in blogland! Fun!

Beth said...

Amy ~ Isn't it so frustrating when they just don't care? Hannah is the same way. I just want to hold her down and do it for her!

Marie ~ So glad you checked it out! It's nowhere near as good or crafty as your blog since I'm just writing about my kids crazy antics for now. Just trying to get my feet wet first and hope to expand from there...thanks for visiting!