Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lightbulb Moment

After Jack said that Abby smells like purple, I thought I'd ask him what some other colors smell like.  Here is what he told me:

Green - grass
Red - apples
Pink - cotton candy
Yellow - lemons
Blue - water
Purple - grapes
Brown - brownies
White - popcorn
Orange - oranges

It was all pretty standard until we got to black.  I have to admit that when I asked Jack what black smells like he leaned over and smelled our black computer keyboard.  The boy just couldn't think of anything black that smelled good!  A light bulb suddenly seemed to go off in his head and then he said that black smelled like smoke, which I thought was a pretty good answer.  Then it dawned on me that he could've gotten that one from his Momma almost starting the house on fire earlier in the day and that I quite possibly had permantly scarred him for life.  Oooops!

RECAP:  In trying to make some S'more-like brownies for Hannah to bring to a party today, I topped the brownies with chocolate chips and mini-marshmallows and put them in the oven.  Under the broiler.  On high.  Didn't set the timer.  Was gonna stand there and just watch it.  Started unloading the dishwasher.  Promptly forgot about the brownies.  Suddenly remembered the brownies.  After multiple minutes.  Screeched.  Opened the oven.  Smoke rolled out (black like Jack said).  Flames shot up.  Grabbed some hotpads and got that baby outta there.  Fanned the flames out.  CHARCOAL marshmallows, anyone?  Fire alarm goes off.  Doug races from his naptime slumber.  Calls 911 while disabling our fire alarm.  Diverts an embarrassing visit from our local firemen.  Scraped the smoldering marshmallows off the top of the brownies.  Added new marshmallows.  Put them back under the broiler to "toast" them.  Watched them closely AND set the timer.  Came out ooey and gooey.  Tasted one to make sure they didn't taste burnt.  Thumbs up.  Sent Hannah and her Smokin' Brownies on their merry way. 

And that's how Jack learned what black smells like. 

Hey, I'm all about education and hands-on learning and stuff.  I'm a good Mom like that.  I risk burning the house down so my kid can learn. 

Now, please don't call child protection services... ;)


Jack was hollering from the living room the other day because Abby was sitting on top of him trying to kiss him.  I told him to settle down because she was just being sweet.  He said "but she smells like PURPLE!"  Made me I asked him what purple smells like and he said "you know...grapes!"  I guess there could be worse things than a little girl giving you kisses that smells like grapes!  Not according to the big brother apparently!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Another Jack-ism

The other night Jack & I were laying in his bed before he dozed off to sleep.  I had my mouth near his ear and was whispering something to him.  He was half asleep, but awake enough to say "Ugh...your bref (yes, he pronnounces breath like bref) stinks!"  I laughed and asked how he could tell that because my mouth was nowhere near his nose.  He said "because I can smell it through my ear!"  Oh, how he cracks me up, even when he's being painfully honest!