Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pink's Her Favorite Color!

Okay...I want to prepare you for what you are about to see. It is just the latest in the Adventures of Abby. Actually, this happened a couple of weeks ago, but since I didn't have this blog then, I thought I'd fill you in. I figure it will, at the very least, give you a big laugh, especially if you know this little sweetheart and all the antics she gets herself so joyfully into! If you don't know her, you soon will! I'm pretty sure 90% of what I post on this blog will be about her!

Generally Abby gets into the majority of trouble when I am on this computer for any extended period of time, which is often. You would think her brother would alert me to what she's doing, but he generally doesn't think to utter a word until the deed has been done. Her trouble making usually goes in spurts. I think she's part werewolf and gets ornerier as the moon gets fuller. Seriously, it seems like she has a two or three day span where she is getting into one thing after another. Fortunately, we usually have the other 27 or 28 days to recoup before another bout of mischievous madness hits. Don't think she doesn't get into any trouble the other days of the month, it's just usually one or two things a day instead of the countless things that the full moon brings on!

Okay...so check out this picture:

Any guesses as to what that bright pink stuff is all over her little body? Marker? No. Paint? No. Blood? No (but it almost was when I realized what it REALLY was!!!). Finger nail polish? DING DING DING! You are a winner! Seems the little stinker...er...I mean cutie finally figured out how to both turn the doorknob and push the door to enter a room. Her room of choice on this day was Tween #1's room. Tween #1 is into painting her nails. Tween #1 swears she screwed the cap on tight. Mom JUST SWEARS!

Initially I thought it was marker and wondered how on earth she found one since we'd taken such care in confiscating each and every one of them around this house after the permanent marker incidents (I'll have to fill you in on a later post). So, I started to rub her hands with a wipe when I realized this was no marker. It was thick and had a distinct odor. One I've smelled many times before...what was that smell??? Horror when I realized it was nail polish. Absolute horror when I realized it was all over her little body, even the bottoms of her feet. Terror when I realized she'd walked all the way through Hannah's room, through the hallway, down the carpeted steps, over the hardwood floor and into my bedroom. With nail polish coating her hands and feet. What had become of my floors and my walls? Worse yet...where was the nail polish bottle and it's remnants?!?!?!!
I dashed up the stairs and into Hannah's room. No hot pink trail leading in or out. That was a good sign. No crime scene looking fingerprints on my walls. Another good sign. Then I spotted the nail polish bottle. Laying on its side. On the carpet. My heart started to beat a little faster. My brow started to sweat a bit. The brush lay beside the bottle on the carpet. And there, on the carpet was...a few spots of polish! That was it! RELIEF is an understatement! It's strange to think that I found any joy in those spots on the carpet, but I really did. I don't know how she managed it, but she kept most of it on her body. I went back downstairs and then got a really good look at her...polish coating the top of her feet, her fingers and nails, her chin and lips (she must have thought it would make good lip gloss!). I laughed out loud. Then I thought...if she got it on her lips...LET ME SEE YOUR TEETH!!! Sure enough she gave me a buck-tooth grin and her front two teeth were PINK! Good thing it's her favorite color!
So, I decided a call to good ol' Mom was in order. I calmly asked her "So, how do you suppose I should go about getting nail polish off a little girls hands and feet and mouth and lips and...TEETH?" Mom's response was "Oh no, what did she do now?" She decided to come over to help me with this little dilemma. When she walked in the door, I was videotaping Abby because I needed proof of just how extensive her little polish episode was! Mom scolded me when she saw the video camera and said I really shouldn't be drawing so much attention to it. Then Abby turned around and Mom got a good look at her. Laughter (even though she was trying hard not to let Abby see) ensued and she totally understood why I needed to document this for future blackmail...ahem. I mean use.

A few dozen cotton wipes doused with nail polish remover and a good soak in the bathtub later, we got her skin color back to it's normal shade of pink. Thank goodness! It actually came off easier than the permanent marker...but that story is for a future post! Stay tuned!

Oh, by the way...are you wondering how we got it off of her teeth??? Yeah, turns out it scrapes off quite easily with a few swipes with my good old fingernail. Who'd of thunk it?!!! ;)


Amy L. said...

Gotta love kids, ya know!! Just be happy it was only nail polish. Randy went upstairs to get one day and found one of the kids, the sheets and one wall covered in poop! Thank God I was at work and didn't have to deal with that...he didn't take any videos or pictures!!

Beth said...

Hahaha! Yeah, that would have been MUCH worse! After the initial shock wore off, and I saw the carpet wasn't too much worse for the wear, I got a pretty good laugh about it! I'm betting Randy DIDN'T!!! ;)

Carol said...

Shelly told me this story. You are a sane parents. First response, get the camera. Got to have evidence to go with the story someday. A manicurist in the making?

Beth said...

Carol~If you have any blackmail from Jace's younger days that I can borrow, LET ME KNOW! ;)